What Can We Do For You?



Think you’ve got the perfect book cover?
Think your edit is complete?
Think again.

With over thirty years experience in the publishing industry, our network of professionals is second to none. From agents, editors, designers, distributors, and booksellers, we can ensure you’re working with the very best people to get it right from the start.


Wondering where to get your book reviewed or how to be interviewed on the radio?
Want people to know about your upcoming music gig?
We can help.

We believe the core strength of our business is the close relationships we have built within the Australian media over the last thirty years. We enjoy a widespread reputation for integrity and credibility, which means journalists trust us as a reliable source of material for their stories.

We can tailor a publicity and marketing strategy to suit your audience across all platforms including print, broadcast, online and social media. We have a proven track record of exceeding expectations in our media coverage.


Are you a business who needs help reaching your audience?

Our love for reading and writing has seen us branch out and deliver copywriting services across the board. We can turn your message into written word your audience will understand and enjoy reading. From website copy to internal communications to brochures and more, let us provide you with engaging content that will suit your needs.