Current Projects

November is finally here and we have a number of exciting projects that we are excited to share with you. Here’s a look at the incredible books that we have lined up for the next month.

One Season by Louis White

In One Season, prominent sports journalist Louis White has created a work of fiction so real, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was. One Season is the fictional account of life in the Tassie Devils, the newest club in the National Australian Rules Football Competition (NARC).

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Release date: 16 October 2017

…In 12 Dishes: How to Eat Like You Live There 

by Leanne Kitchen and Anthony Suvalko

Eat your way around the world, 12 dishes at a time. …In 12 Dishes is a fabulous series for food-lovers looking for the authentic food experience when travelling abroad. Focused squarely on the cuisine of each city, these books are structured around 12 iconic dishes, with information that guides you to the places where they can easily be found.

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Shanghai in 12 Dishes and Ho Chi Minh City in 12 Dishes are the first two books in the series and will be published in November.

An Activist Life by Christine Milne

Former Greens leader, Christine Milne, returns to give you an insight into her life. Christine tells her story through the objects that had the most symbolic meaning in her life, interweaving the personal and the political to recount a truly inspirational life.

A famously private person, this is Christine Milne as you have never seen her before.

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Release date: 14 November 2017

The Great Pink Hunter by Grahame Bond

Aunty Jack is back! For the first time, renowned Australian comedic writer, Grahame Bond has tried his hand at writing fiction and succeeded. Full of wit and satire, The Great Pink Hunter is shocking in its hilarity and it’s close to the bone reflection on the crazy times we live in.

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Release date: 16 November 2017